Lance Tomsett

I started working with Arjen Bloem in November 2014. At the time, I already had 26 years of professional sales experience. During the next 30 months, we created and fine-tuned a very effective sales strategy and sales collateral. During this time, our sales increased from $48,210 per month to an average of $248,516 each month – this is a 515% increase.


Arjen has a thorough understanding of sales strategy, sales process and product development and is pragmatic in his approach to sales. I would recommend Arjen and Successful Ventures to anyone wanting to increase sales and profit within their business.

Lance Tomsett
Senior Sales Consultant

Alan Bamford

I have worked with Arjen several times over a 20-year period. While I have known him, he founded a number of businesses and sold one of these for a very substantial sum of money.


Arjen consulted to our design business during the 2009 subprime mortgage crisis when business was very tough. We were very low on sales and things needed to change. Arjen has a knack for developing and implementing strategic plans including sales strategy and then building effective teams and processes to manage the operational side of the business.


I would recommend Arjen to anyone who wants to grow or transform their business.

Alan Bamford
Fitout Design

Matt and Shohan Tucker

Arjen has consulted to us in our business since 2019. Within six months we had already made some dramatic changes to the business. We have developed and started to implement a strategic plan for growth.


We are currently focussed on a sales and marketing process and we are about to hire a dedicated sales person and an admin person.


Before Arjen consulted to us, I was often reacting to what was happening to the business. Some of the challenges could seem overwhelming.


Now we know exactly where we are going and we have a simple executable plan of exactly how to get there. Working with Successful Ventures has given me much more clarity.


If you are thinking of working with a consultant or business coach, I can recommend Successful Ventures. I trust Arjen because he has grown businesses not only as a business coach but has also had success in his own businesses.

Matt and Shohan Tucker
DM Acoustic Ltd